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WSJ's Robert Frank writes about the wealthy for a living. So he has learned a thing or two about how the rich live, and how they make their money. In an installment of 'Money Talks,' Robert gives a few tips on how to get rich -- told to him over the years by millionaires and billionaires.
 Your task is the next - What the advice would you like to make use of  as to become a millionaire? (from the film)  And try to formulate your own valuable advice. (write down the name, please)
 P.S. leave your answers in comments!!! I'll check them! About 5 fitting sentences!!!

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Unknown комментирует...

Robert Frank said for people 3 main advices.I consider,that for me,the most valuable advice is "ignore the naysayers",because it is very vital in business-not to listen people's(your competitors') opinions.
To become a millionaire you must do a lot of things. The most important are:
-you must be confident in your strength
-be unique
-hire possessed by job people
-don't listen advisers
-love your job

Kudryavtseva Kate(KK)
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Unknown комментирует...

Robert Frank said about 3 main advices.In my opinion the most useful advice is "do not do it for the money",becauce because you have to like your job.If you like your job, then the result will be better.
The most important things,which you must do for being a millionaire:
1.you must be creative and clever
2.you must work hard
3.you must love your job
4.you have to be ready for competition

Tanya Molotsova.

Светлана комментирует...

Robert Frank gave 3 secrets how become a millionaire:
1)don't do it for the money
2)ignore the naysayers
3)be prepared for sacrifice.
For me the most valuable advice is "ignore the naysayers" becouse it's hard to don't care about people's opinion and do what you want.
To become a millionare you must have strong character. My own valuable advice to become a millionare is don't care about problems, that may arise.

Kamyshnikova Sveta

Женька Брекелева комментирует...

Robert Frank told us about how become a millionaire. You must:
1. ignore the naysayers;
2. don't do it for the money;
3. be prepared for sacrifice.
I think that the most important secret is to be prepared for sacrifice.
In my opinion, to become a millionare you must to be serious, friendly and attentive.
I believe that it is a very important qualities for a rich man.

Unknown комментирует...

Robert Frank gave some secrets how to become a millionaire, here are some of them:
1)do not it for the money;
2)ignore the naysayers;
3)be prepared for sacrifice;
4)love your job.
I think become a millionaire,first of all,you must believe in yourself and in your own business. Secondly you need to surround yourself clever and committed people.And get rid of the phrase "if only".

Unknown комментирует...

Robert Frank said, that there was three main tips about how to became a millionare.
The first is not to do it for the money
The second - to ignore the naysayers
and finally - to be prepared to large sacrifice
To my mind, the most useful advice is 'ignore the naysayers', because it is really hard, but if you can handle it, everything is gonna be alright and you'll accomplish everything you want.

Unknown комментирует...

Robert Frank gave three advises how to become a millionaire. To my mind, secret that plays important role in my live is "do not do it for the money", because your work should be interesting and exciting for you. Only when the work is vivid and fascinating to you, you can succeed.

If you want to become a millionaire, you have to know a few tips:
1. you must be confident in your power
2. you must be creative and clever
3. you must like your job
4. you should not be interested only in money

Настя Андреева комментирует...

In this film, Robert Frank tells us different advices to become a millionaire, here they are:
1. Do it not for the money;
2. Ignore the naysayers;
3. Be prepared for competition;
4. Love your job;
5. Work hard;
6. Be creative
and many others.
I absolutely agree with him. And also I believe, that in becoming a millionaire is important to go ahead and just stick to your principles.
As for me, I suppose, that the most essential fact is that you need to love your job, because without it you can't achieve all the height you are possible.
In conclusion, I can say that to become a millionare you have to work long and hard.

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